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Application of electromagnetic sensors

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The magnetic sensor is the oldest sensor, a compass is the first application of a magnetic sensor. However, as modern sensors in order to facilitate the signal processing, the magnetic sensor requires magnetic signals capable of transformation into an electrical signal output. The first application is made ​​in accordance with the principle of electromagnetic induction type magnetic sensor. This magnetic sensors in the field of industrial control has made ​​an outstanding contribution, but today has been a new type of magnetic sensor-based high-performance magnetic sensitive material being replaced. 
In the sensor electromagnetic effects in use today, magnetic rotary sensor is an important one. Magnetic rotary sensor is mainly made ​​up of several parts of the semiconductor magnetoresistive element, a permanent magnet fixed, casing and other components. The typical structure of a magnetoresistive element is mounted on a permanent magnet stimulation, input and output terminals connected to the holder element and then installed in a metal box, and then plastic sealed to form a closed structure, which would have a good reliability. There are many advantages of magnetic rotary sensor semiconductor magnetoresistive element can not be compared. In addition to the high sensitivity and large output signal, the rotation detector, and a strong range, which is the result of development of electronic technology. Moreover, such sensors can also be applied in a wide temperature range, have a long working life, a strong resistance to dust, water and oil, and therefore withstand a variety of environmental conditions and external noise. Therefore, such sensors have received wide attention in industrial applications. 
A magnetic rotary sensor is widely used in factory automation systems, since such sensors have satisfactory characteristics, but does not require maintenance. The main application is detected in the machine to detect the rotation position of the servo motor, the positioning of the robot arm, factory automation, detection of the stroke of hydraulic, factory automation-related equipment, the rotary encoder detects the rotation detecting unit and the various units and the like. 
Modern magnetic rotary sensor including a sensor has four phase and single-phase sensor. In operation, the four phase differential rotation sensor using a pair of detecting means detects a differential realization, the realization of the other inverted differential detection. Thus, the detection capability of the four-phase sensor is four times the unit member. The two single-phase rotation sensor element has its own advantages, which is compact and reliable characteristics, and the output signal is large, can detect low-speed movement, anti-environmental impact and anti-noise capability, and low cost. Therefore, single-phase sensor will also have a good market. 
Magnetic rotary sensor in household appliances also have a large application potential. In the cassette recorder commutation mechanism, can be used to detect the end of the magnetoresistive element tape. Most home video and high-speed variable speed playback function, which can also be used to detect the spindle speed magnetic rotary sensor and control access to high quality picture. Reversible washing machine and high speed rotation function are available through the servo motor rotation sensor to achieve detection and control. 
This switch can be induced to enter their inspection area metal object, to control their own internal circuit on or off. Switch generate its own magnetic field, when a metal object enters the field will cause changes in the magnetic field. This change by switching the internal circuitry can be turned into electrical signals. 
More prominent electromagnetic sensor is a very wide application of high-tech, domestic and abroad have invested a certain amount of research efforts during the research, application of this sensor is penetrating into the national economy and national defense construction in all areas of daily life, with the the advent of the information society, and its status and role will be more important.

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