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BEAM robots commonly used sensors

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Sensor is a robot's eyes, some of the basic functions BEAM robots, there are some low-cost, reliable sensors by BEAMers favorite, Here I will simply introduce some of these sensors: 
Collision switch is the simplest kind of contact sensors, low cost, and even some developers with some abandoned brass simply produce their own collision switch. Collision switch is used to detect obstacles and more reliable performance, the disadvantage is a short range and can not be adjusted. 
Infrared transmitter receiver kit is a non-contact sensor, by the launch tube infrared emitter, an obstacle is reflected back and received by the receiving sensor to find an obstacle, but can be adjusted by adjusting the range of infrared emission intensity. Susceptible to interference problems sunlight by a predetermined frequency modulation and demodulation to solve. Only requires a corresponding driving circuit technically more complex, the cost is higher than the collision of the switch. 
Photoresistor semiconductor materials by using some of the characteristics of the different levels of light intensity will vary its resistance changes made​​. Easy to use, reliable performance, and more are used to detect light intensity to achieve phototaxis function. 
Sharp produced GP2D12 infrared distance sensors are loved by the majority of robot enthusiasts a distance sensor. Effective range of 10cm to 150cm, can accurately measure the linear distance between the obstacle and the sensor, and a lot of professional robot also uses this sensor. Anti-interference ability, simple to use, but the cost is higher. 
Far infrared flame sensor can detect the infrared light at a wavelength of 700nm ~ 1000nm within the range of detection angle of 60o, in which infrared light wavelengths in the vicinity of 880nm, its sensitivity is maximized. Far infrared flame sensor will change the strength of the external infrared light into the current changes. Such sensors can detect a candle flame due to just the sunlight without interference, it is used for fire-fighting game.

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