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Digital wireless audio transmission module

by Administrator | 1562 comments

Work at 2.4ghz digital wireless audio transmission module has the following features: 
1, transmission distance: can transmit stereo audio data within the range of greater than 180 meters in open area 
2, support a variety of point to point and multipoint transmission mode 
3, the number of alternative bands, easy to avoid interference frequency: This product works in the 2.4GHz ISM (ie industrial, scientific, medical) band, there are 20 selectable frequencies (125 bands can be achieved, for optional ), to meet the needs of multi-frequency and frequency hopping; avoid the influence of interference on the 2.4GHz band prone to the public on the sound quality, the product provides frequency selection function, if the product in the course of their work, there is a strong noise occurs , that exist in the current frequency interference affecting the output quality, select a new operating frequency point to keep the product good use of effects. 
4, fidelity HDCD sound quality: break through the limitations of the sampling frequency, using 64K sampling frequency of the most fidelity to ensure the sound from the source, before and after transmission through a special processing technology, ensure the received signal to maintain fidelity 
5, a wide range of applications: product fully into account the ease of use and compatibility, offer all kinds of audio and data interface, support and third-party audio product support, product can be directly connected to the audio input and output ports, the use of flexible, "plug and play "with speakers, headphones, microphone manufacturers supporting existing products that become wireless speakers, wireless headphones, wireless microphone (microphone). 
6, specific technical parameters 
1,64K digital audio sampling rate, 16bit sample quantization level 
2, low-power design 
3, GFSK digital modulation / demodulation 
4,20Hz ~ 20KHz frequency response 
5,90dB audio dynamic range 
6, before applying to avoid receiving error correction coding audio data to 
7, work in the 2.4GHz ISM band, 20 working frequency (available 125 optional frequency models) 
8, the receiver sensitivity -85dBm, 45dB adjacent channel rejection, 30dB image rejection 
9, the effective receiving distance is more than 180 meters (open without obstacles, receive and transmit test results in the stationary state) 
10, the background noise: None 
11, to provide an additional channel digital display, noise canceling switch interface, the transceiver module code and other functions, is the industry's most mature and highest level of technology products 
12, the maximum can support more than 40 conference microphone used simultaneously in less than 30 square feet of area

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