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0.49\"white OLED LCD screen SSD1306Z drive IC 64*32

0.49"white OLED LCD screen SSD1306Z drive IC 64*32

  • Model: 0.49OLED-SSD1306Z
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1 Overview

This is a monochrome OLED display module with 64*32 dot matrix. The characteristics of this display module are high brightness, self-emission, high contrast ratio, slim/thin outline, wide viewing angle, wide temperature range, and low power consumption

2 Features

Display Color: White

Dot Matrix: 64*32

Driver IC: SSD1306Z

Interface: I²C

Wide range of operating temperature: -40 to 70 degree

3 Mechanical Data

Dot Matrix: 64(W)*32(H)

Dot Size: 0.155(W)*0.155(H) mm2

Dot Pitch: 0.175(W)*0.175(H) mm2

Aperture Rate: 78 %

Active Area: 11.18 (W)*5.58 (H) mm2

Panel Size: 14.5(W)*11.6(H) *1.05(T) mm3

Module Size: 14.85(W)*26.1(H) *1.28(T) mm3

Diagonal A/A Size: 0.49 inch

Module Weight: 0.4310% gram

Connect Way: COG

OEM: Yes

4 Application

Bluetooth Bracelet, Bluetooth Bangle, ETC, electronic cigarette, thermometer

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