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2.2\" serial port TFT SPI Arduino color module Tutorial: ILI9225

2.2" serial port TFT SPI Arduino color module Tutorial: ILI9225

  • Model: 2.2-ILI9225
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2.2"screen with SPI serial backplane module, a minimum of only four IO driver 

Size: 2.2 inch SPI serial bus 
Resolution: 176 * 220 
Driver IC: ILI9225 
The module features: 
1 integrated voltage regulator IC, supports 5V or 3.3V power supply 
2 board level conversion scheme, really perfectly compatible 5V/3.3V IO level, supports a variety of single-chip IO connector 
3. Integrated backlight control circuit can control off or PWM dimming, 
4 integrated SD card expansion circuit, 
5 reserved SPI FLASH font circuit to facilitate the expansion application 
Any microcontroller can drive to provide complete information. 
Module supporting information: 
1.C51 source, STM32 source, Arduino source 
2.C51, STM32, Arduino tutorial drive wiring 
3 module instructions, schematics, dimensional drawings 
4 LCD screen manual, driver chip data sheet 
5 pictures, text modulo Software (gift) 
6. Provide technical support underlying driver

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