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2.0\" TFT color LCD screen LCM 176*220

2.0" TFT color LCD screen LCM 176*220

  • Model: 2.0-LGDP4524-24pin-8080
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LD80829M02F is all new 2.0" TFT screen, use 8 bit 8080 MCU interface, pin spacing is 1.0, easy to weld. LCD glass and LCD driver IC are selected from South Korea's LG's products, IC model LGDP4524, instruction format and ILI9225 as easy to drive. High light, with a resolution of 176 * 220, which is characterized by superior workmanship, colorful, high brightness. Suitable for use in high-end products. 

Purchase products provide product specifications, data sheets and driver IC initialization code, 51 sample programs so the whole data.