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ARMJISHU STM32F107VCT6 board+3.2\" LCD support wireless

ARMJISHU STM32F107VCT6 board+3.2" LCD support wireless

  • Model: ARMJISHU-STM32F107VCT6
  • Email: service@wayengineer.com

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Items include:

    • 1x development board (STM32F107VCT6)
    • 1x 3.2-inch TFT color screen module
    • 1x 5 V power supply adapter
    • 1x MINI USB host cable
    • 1x MINI USB cable
    • 1x 1 m network parallel lines
    • 1x female-female null modem serial download cable
    • 1x CD ROM CD-ROM <some wrote in Chinese.>


    1)Development board with a variety of benefits, to optimize the development of resources, provide a rich routines, and increased wireless, audio and other features, cost-effective.
    2)with T2S audio, Ethernet, USB OTG, 2.4G wireless, 315M Wireless
    3)Size 110mm * 150mm * 20mm (including LCD, but not counting the height of studs).
    4) flexible. Board in addition to all of the crystal outside the IO port all the leads, can greatly facilitate the expansion and use.
    5) is rich in resources. On-board peripherals and interfaces dozen, so you swim STM32.

    Resources :

    ◆ STM32F107VCT6, ARM Cortex-M3 core, LQFP100 package, the internal FLASH: 256K, SRAM: 64K
    ◆ 1 x 10M/100M Ethernet interface, RJ45 interface standard, supports parallel adaptive crossover cable
    ◆ 1 x USB 2.0 OTG full-speed interface, as USB SLAVE interfaces can be used as USB HOST interface
    ◆ 1 x standard 2.8 / 3.2-inch TFT LCD interface, support for touch screen with a resolution of 320X240, 26 million colors
    ◆ 1 x I2S audio decoder chip, support for playback of music files
    ◆ 1 x SD Card Interface
    ◆ 1 x 2.4G wireless communication module interface
    ◆ 1 x 315M wireless communication module interface
    ◆ 2 x CAN bus interface
    ◆ 1 x 485 Bus Interface
    ◆ 1 x SPI FLASH chips, W25X16, capacity of 16M bits
    ◆ 1 x IIC interface EEPROM chips, 24C02, size 2K-bit
    ◆ 2 x RS-232C serial port (DB9 male to use, line the same order with PC)
    ◆ 1 x buzzer
    ◆ 1 x reset button, reset control of the entire board hardware
    ◆ 4 function buttons, including Wake and TEMPER invasion WAKEUP function
    ◆ 1 x power LED (green)
    ◆ 4 user status indicator (LED1 ~ LED4: green)
    ◆ 2 x startup configuration interface mode selection
    ◆ 1 x RTC back-up battery holder
    ◆ 1 x standard JTAG / SWD debug emulator download interface
    ◆ 1 way adjustable resistance potentiometer analog input, analog to digital conversion experiments can be done
    ◆ 2 x DAC DAC interface to connect to terminal
    ◆ 2 x ADC ADC interface to connect to ter

    Please download CD data here: