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FPC soft cable 40 pin,0.5mm,150mm

FPC soft cable 40 pin,0.5mm,150mm

  • Model: FPCcable40-0.5-150
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Condition: new

Pin: 40

Pin width: 0.5 mm

Length: 150mm

To save you time and improve service quality, before purchase, please inform the customer in advance in the followings:

① pitch line (sub 0.5mm and 1.0mm)

Line spacing: You know the line in the pin number, the amount of what the width of the line, and then inform the customer, we will tell you to line spacing Oh!

② pin bit line (the number of contact points at both ends of the line)

The number of individual cables dense unclear, it may pick up your side of the caliper or ruler, measure your end of the line width and then inform the customer service line spacing you need to know what you need is a few pin it!

③ line length

④ line direction (sub-surface and with different surface)

Identify the direction of the line: When the line at both ends of the line when the contact surface is flat in the same direction, if it was the same face in the same direction, on the contrary is bifacial Oh!

FFC flat cable series, length line can be customized according to customer requirements

There are more than 800 specifications in stock, required specifications, please contact customer service

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