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Arduino Tiny RTC I2C

Arduino Tiny RTC I2C

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Product description:
1.DS1307 I2C is real-time clock chip (RTC)
.24C32 32K I2C EEPROM memory
.Using LIR2032 rechargeable lithium battery, and charging circuit
.Solving the problem of DS1307 with spare battery cannot read or write
.After being charged full, it can provide DS1307 timing for 1 years.
.Compact design, 27mm*28mm*8.4mm
.Lead to DS1307 clock pin, to the chip microcontroller provides a clock signal.
.It can be cascaded to other I2C devices.

DS1307 is a low power, and has 56 bytes of non-volatile RAM entire BCD clock calendar clock chip, address and data through the two wire two-way serial bus transmission, the chip can provide seconds, hours, and other information, day can automatically adjust in every month, and has leap year compensation function. The AM/PM symbol decides clock work in 24 hour or 12 hour mode, chip has a built-in power sensing circuit, which has a power off detecting and battery switching function

The characteristics of DS1307:

It is counting the second, hour, minute, every day, every month and every week, and having a leap year compensation function. Remember the year line 2100.

56 bytes of non-volatile RAM
Two wire serial interface
Programmable square wave output
Automatic power off detecting and switching circuit
In a battery backup mode, the power consumption is less than 500nA

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